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Make-up tips for brunettes….

Coloured Contact Lenses and Make-up tips…

by Wendy Moakler 3rd June 2014.

Wendy-Woo chief bloggerHaving just undergone a personal transformation in the hair department, going from blonde to brunette (hides a multitude of greys!) I have had to rethink my make- up. That, along with the new release of the Air Optix Coloured monthly disposable contact lenses, I thought it may be of some use to my fellow chameleons to give some advice on which colour palette you should choose to match your hair and eye colour. As I am now a brunette, I’ll start with that!

Brunette. Dark hair can be quite dramatic, a statement on its own, so avoid ‘mask like’ foundations and concentrate on accentuating the colour of your eyes.

Green eyed brunettes look stunning with a beige or moss green swept across the eyelids and a charcoal grey or brown blended in the outer corners to create a smoky look. Choose violet or pink as a base eyelid colour for a killer combination with charcoal. Avoid the purple hues though if your eyes are prone to redness, you’ll end up looking like a walking bruise!

brunette green eyes


Air Optix Colors Tip: Try subtle colour Green or a Vibrant Gemstone Green

If you have blue eyes, a lilac shade on your lids will really bring out the blue for a dramatic look. Smoke it up by opting for brown or rosy shades.

Air Optix Colors Tip: Try subtle blue or Vibrant Brilliant Blue. If you are feeling really daring try the Vibrant Sterling Gray!

brunette blue eyes


Brown eyed girls (or boys?!) should try apricot shades with taupes and browns for a lovely soft look. If you fancy flashy dramatic eyes, go for the metallic golds and bronzes.

Air Optix Colors Tip: Try Subtle Brown or the lovely Vibrant Honey.

brunette brown eyes


Now for the ‘techy bit’

Air Optix Colours are a fantastic new generation lens available from Alcon and the most breathable colour contact lens available. Coupling the comfort and breathability of the Air Optix lens with beautiful colours is undoubtedly a winning combination. Alcon say: • Rich, nourishing, continuous oxygen flow contributes to a healthy, natural feeling. AIR OPTIX brand contact lenses are designed to provide outstanding comfort throughout the wearing period. Don’t worry that your eyes won’t look natural either! As long as you choose a colour that compliments your natural colour your eyes will shine. air-optix-colors-alcon-freshlookDesigned to be the RIGHT FIT for a wide range of customers, Alcon have come up with the perfect coloured contact lens. Having tried coloured contact lenses previously, I found them at best, rather uncomfortable and at worst, hard to see through! The trouble with those lenses was, the technology was a bit out dated, but the Air Optix Colours are amazing. They have all the comfort and up to date technology of the Air Optix lens and all the beauty of a cosmetic coloured contact lens. Unlike the older type of coloured contact lens, the colour is ‘within’ the lens rather than being printed on the surface and this makes a massive difference where comfort is concerned!

Whether you need sight correction or not, it is vital that you have your contact lenses fitted by an optician. It is important that the lenses fit your eyes properly so that they do not cause any problems. Even if a lens feels comfortable, it doesn’t mean it’s right for your eyes, so ALWAYS see an optician if you are considering contact lenses and keep up to date with your check ups.

The new Air OPTIX COLORS contact lenses are now available at David H Myers Opticians, so why not arrange an appointment for a trial *

Next time I’ll be giving advice for all you blondies out there!

*An up to date sight test is required and fitting fees may apply.

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