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Sports Eyewear

Just because you can’t see doesn’t mean you can’t be sporty!

We at David H Myers understand the importance of eye wear with a specific use, you wouldn’t go skiing in your high heels so would you go in your brand new Chanel sunglasses?
We have a range of options for all ages to help you maximize your vision no matter what the sport.

It’s all well and good diving in crystal clear waters but without crystal clear vision you could be missing out. Diving masks can incorporate your prescription in a number of different ways either full prescription lenses or an insert. Our friendly staff will help you find you the best solution depending on your needs.

Trees are generally hard to miss but what about those little bumps in the snow or patches of ice? The choice of lens is just as important as the prescription when it comes to skiing. Bring your helmets into the practice to ensure your eye wear fits alongside your safety gear.

Different kinds of cycling put different demands on our eyes. Mountain cyclists need to spot roots and rocks, city cyclists however require details of changes in road texture and surface. Our experts can help you select the best lenses to meet your demands. Whether they be sunglasses, clear lenses or transitions, we can meet your needs.

Contrast is key for golfers, and while we can’t do anything about your swing at least you’ll be able to see where the golf ball should be heading. Using either Oakley or Hoya’s advanced technology reducing the amount of distortion in your varifocal lenses. This gives you a wider view of the course in front of you. Our professional dispensers can help you meet your golfing eyewear needs.

Rugby / Football
The crunching sound of glasses against a football is a nightmare for all involved. But playing in a blur is no way to play. Contact lenses aren’t for everyone so a lightweight nylon frame with some polycarbonate lenses could be the perfect solution to give you that competitive edge.

Fishing / Sailing
Glare can be a common problem when fishing or sailing so making sure your eyes are protected is paramount. Keeping your sunglasses above sea level is also important. There’s a plethora of sports bands available to stop your eyewear from becoming fish food! Ask in store and we’ll find the right solution for you.

Swimming in your glasses can be an ordeal! The force of the water moves them constantly, but what can you do regular swimming goggles will leave you in a blur. At David H Myers opticians we have a range of prescription solutions for you from best sphere goggles to help you through that one hour weekly swimming session or tailor made goggles for the more dedicated swimmers.

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