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Eye Examinations

An eye exam is carried out by an Optometrist (Ophthalmic Optician).

Your vision and prescription are checked and you will be told if you don’t need glasses, do need glasses or your current glasses need to be changed.

The health of the eyes are checked and disease such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration can be picked up.

Other systemic disease can be picked up through an eye exam e.g. Diabetes. High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol.

Eye test are free on the NHS if you are:
◦ Under 16 or age 16-18 and in full time education
◦ Over 60
◦ Have diabetes or glaucoma
◦ Over 40 and have a direct relative with glaucoma (parents/siblings/children)
◦ You have a ”complex” prescription which falls into certain parameters

Eyes tests are free for people on certain benefits. You will also receive help towards the cost of your glasses if you receive any of the following.
◦ Income Support
◦ Income – based Jobseeker’s Allowance (not contribution based)
◦ Pension Credit Guarantee
◦ Income – based Employment and Support Allowance
◦ Universal Credit and meet the criteria on the earnings limit
◦ Named on a valid NHS tax credit exemption card
◦ Named on and NHS certificate for full health with costs (HC2)

Retinal Photography

This is where a high powered digital camera is used to photograph the retina at the back of the eye. It allows us to keep a photographic record of the back of you eyes. It also aids your optometrist in picking up and monitoring eye conditions.

Learning Disability Schemes

We always try to make special allowances where possible for patients who need extra help with the eye exam. For patients with learning disabilities, we offer a specialised service. We have some charts to fill out for the person before they come in for the eye exam so we have all the relevant information we need. We also have information on how the eye exam is carried out and give written aids on the outcome of the eye exam. We also offer an opportunity for someone who has a learning disability to visit the practice on a separate day before the eye exam is carried out so they can familiarise themselves with the practice and staff. If you know someone who needs an eye exam and would benefit from the above, please contact our reception staff who would be happy to book you in.

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