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Contact Lenses

Have you ever considered contact lenses?

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Why choose contact lenses?

More versatile and easier to use than ever, contact lenses are perfect for those who prefer not to wear glasses and they are especially useful if you play a lot of sport.

Technology has really advanced since the introduction of contact lenses and today’s high-tech products offer a cost-effective, convenient solution for those with short and long-sightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia. Some lenses can even be worn overnight and daily disposables offer the ultimate in convenience.

Recent design developments mean almost everyone can use contact lenses, including children. Flexible wearing schedules mean that lenses can be worn all the time or just for special occasions.

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Contact lens service

Alongside an initial eye examination, we’ll spend some time finding out a little more about your lifestyle requirements and talk you through our extensive range of lenses. We stock a truly comprehensive selection, including daily disposables, monthly and fortnightly replacement.

Even if you only need glasses for reading, you can still choose contact lenses as there’s now an option with new multifocal lenses. Available both as a monthly replacement option or as daily disposables, they can be worn all the time of just when you feel like a change from your glasses.

Once you’ve found your perfect lenses, you can try them out before you decide to buy. This way you can be sure contact lenses are the right choice for you.

We provide a bespoke fitting and after-care service and a helpful payment plan to spread the cost of your lenses, solutions and aftercare, after your initial trial period.

Types of Contact lenses

Contact Lenses are made of many different types of materials but generally fall into two groups; soft contact lenses and  rigid gas permeable contact lenses (RGP) . Most people these days can successfully wear both soft or RGP contact lenses – we have many happy patients now wearing lenses that previously were not suitable.


Professional fitting of your contact lenses is absolutely vital to ensure good quality vision and, more importantly that your lenses fit your eyes correctly. Problems can arise from a poor fitting contact lens that you may not even be aware of. That is why it is so important to have your lenses checked regularly by our contact lens optician. He will recommend the correct lens for you, not only that the lens fits you, but also that the lens material is suitable and your prescription is correct.


Keeping your contact lenses and storage cases (if you use them) clean is imperative. You must always wash your hands before handling your contact lenses and ensure that you clean your lenses thoroughly before storage. Following strict care regimes will help to ensure problem free contact lens wear.


Benefits of lens wear

Contact lenses can be a great alternative to glasses. If you play sports or frequent the gym, contact lenses are particularly beneficial as glasses tend to slide down your nose or become dislodged when taking part in physical activity. Whether you wear contact lenses on a full time or part time basis, it is important that you have an up to date pair of glasses just in case you are unable to wear your lenses (you may have an eye infection, or perhaps lose a lens!)




Many people who previously were unsuitable for contact lenses due to having astigmatism are now enjoying the freedom that contact lenses bring. Over the years, research and development into contact lenses has been ongoing with great success. So, if you have previously been told that you are unsuitable for contact lenses due to astigmatism, it’s definitely worth asking our optician if there might now be a lens to suit you.


There are now many types of contact lenses available for people who wear varifocal glasses. From daily disposable to monthly disposable, this is an area of contact lenses that is developing quickly. With the number of people using computers and tablets, the demand for varifocal contact lenses is rising. The technology used is a little different to glasses, but we have patients successfully switching between their varifocal glasses and contact lenses.  So, if you think you would like another option to your glasses,  now might be a good time to talk to our optician.


With the number of children taking part in sports at school on the rise, more and more parents are asking if their children are suitable for contact lens wear. There are many factors to consider. Is their prescription suitable for contact lenses? Is the child responsible enough? Are they really motivated? How often do they want to wear them? If your child has been asking you about wearing contact lenses, it’s well worth bringing them along for a consultation with our contact lens optician. We have successfully fitted a number of children with contact lenses and seen vast improvements in them, especially the sporty ones who previously were unable to take part due to not being able to see! Health and Safety on many school football pitches now forbid the wearing of glasses during play.


All children are given full tuition on contact lenses. Every aspect from lens insertion and removal to how to look after their lenses is taken care of. Once your child is confident with the handling of the lenses they can take them home for a trial. We insist that your child can insert and remove their own contact lenses just in case they have a problem with their lens should you or another adult not be present to help them.

Contact Lens Aftercare Plan

Our contact lens plans are totally flexible, with schemes available to cover you for your aftercare only, or to include contact lenses aswell.

If you’d like to try contact lenses but are not sure if they’re the right choice for you, we can help. We charge a £30 consultation fee but that is redeemable off your first purchase of contact lenses.




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