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Contact Lenses

Due to ongoing research and development more and more people than ever before can now enjoy trouble free contact lens wear. As we are an independent opticians we are able to source lenses from any UK or overseas manufacturer, so we are confident we can find a contact lens to suit you.

Daily Disposable Lenses are the easiest way to wear contact lenses, particularly if you only wear lenses on a part time basis. Convenient, comfortable and now available in toric and multifocal prescriptions.

Fortnightly Disposable Lenses are re-usable lenses that are removed and cleaned every day,stored overnight in easy to use solution and discarded after 2 weeks. Perfect if you wish to wear lenses full time but require a more cost effective contact lens than a daily disposable.

Monthly and Bespoke disposable lenses are re-usable lenses that are removed and cleaned every day and are ideal for those with more complicated prescriptions.

Gas Permeable Lenses are made of a rigid material and designed to correct even the most complicated of prescriptions. To be fitted with these lenses, detailed measurements are taken from your eyes so that the lenses can be tailor made to your prescription and eye shape. Gas permeable lenses require cleaning and storing.

Toric Contact Lenses are now available in daily, fortnightly and monthly disposables. If you have been told your eye has astigmatism or is shaped like a rugby ball, then you may require a toric contact lens.

Multifocal Contact Lenses are now available in daily, fortnightly and monthly disposables so, if you need a correction for reading, multifocal lenses could be for you.


Dry Eye Clinic

Do you have dry eye?
If you regularly suffer with gritty, itchy tired eyes you could actually have ‘dry eye’.

Dry eye is a common problem and occurs when your tears evaporate too quickly due to insufficient quality or quantity. Tear fluid lubricates and protects the delicate surface of the eye as well as ensuring clear vision between blinks.

If these symptoms sound familiar, why not book in for a ‘Dry eye consultation’? We can assess your tear quality and we can usually recommend a treatment plan so that you can enjoy more comfortable vision.

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